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Not For Profit
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Not-for-profit (or NGOs) are now becoming corporatized as the nature and size of projects being undertaken become large and complex. Today it's not only a charismatic leader who runs an NGO based on his commitment and dedication alone. Many stakeholders and believers are joining together in a show of concern and empathy to fund and manage the NOT-for-Profit organisation.

CSR has added a new dimension to the Not-for-profit organisations (or NGOs) as corporates are also getting involved in a direct action for a social cause. Thus the structure, approach and methods of NGOs has undergone a sea change and so has it's need for leadership and operational talent.

Synergy Consultants has acquired an inclusive,  sensitive and consultative approach  to meeting the challenges of finding the right talent for NGOs, developing competitive compensation and benefit policies and assisting with HR strategic issues. And the success of this approach has been demonstrated across numerous assignments.
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