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The tremendous growth of the ITEs industry in India is a reflection of globalisation, shrinking commercial boundaries and technological advances in telecommunications. While the industry is all about efficiency and economy of scale, over half of  the business is knowledge based and is driven by standardisation of processes and systems. It has grown very rapidly from  a low-cost transaction processing operations model to a high-end knowledge-based delivery model. Today, some of the highly complex data is analysed and processed, assessments and decisions are made remotely to improve operational costs and efficiencies.

Across sectors, functions  as diverse as Customer support, insurance claim assessments, accounting, legal and taxation, research, design, development, Bio-informatics etc.,  are outsourced with a higher degree of success and efficiency. Thus the talent in this industry is continuously learning and growing. The opportunities are immense and Retention of talent is amongst the major concerns of employers.

Synergy has constantly mapped the developments in this dynamic sector and kept abreast with challenges of talent management. We have team has not only successfully completed numerous mandates for Retained Search assignments at the CEO / CXO levels in multiple technology domains, but are constantly assisting companies in selecting and recruiting professional Managerial and Executive talent amongst various specialist operational areas



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