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Synergy's experts have worked in a number of Asian / APAC countries and have an intrinsic understanding of the cultural and environmental factors that are so essential in the identification, assessment and selection of professionals for these markets. Coupled with its in-depth knowledge of the business, industry and cultural traits of the region, Synergy has adequate experience of meeting the executive selection requirements of large, multi-location and multi-product organizations, promptly and efficiently in a cost-effective way.  

When you need specialists (whether these are from technical, marketing, human resources, financial or software background for industries like Retailing, Automobiles, Trading, Manufacturing etc.) for your operations in Asia, a large number of such professionals would hail from India and Synergy can assist you in finding the best amongst them. We have done Executive Search and Recruitments for multinational corporations for places like Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam,  etc.

Synergy can complement your efforts in finding the right executives for your business in Asia. Our skills in screening and evaluating candidates likely to succeed in diverse cultures have evolved over a long first hand experience of making teams and businesses succeed in such environments.


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