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Advertised Recruitment
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What a professional is looking for in his quest for a successful and fulfilling career and how to convey that opportunity to him through the printed word is a Synergy specialty.

"Our innovative approach, profile defining and word-honing skills translate the thought to the professional readership in his language and motivates him to apply."

  • Synergy quickly and accurately understands and interprets a client's specific requirement and its corporate culture and value systems.
  • Having advertised for over 260 organizations in last fifteen years, we maintain complete discretion and confidentiality, avoiding outside pressures.
  • We assist in drafting the advertisements, in media-selection, in screening, identifying, approaching, evaluating and recruiting top executive talent for management and specialist positions.
  • We offer speedy in-depth discussion, assessment, selection, placement and help in assimilation of new talent.

Clients Advertised Recruitment

Clients come to us for advertised recruitment due to our reputation for quick and accurate understanding and interpretation of their specific personnel requirement and their corporate culture and value systems. It also helps them in keeping confidentiality, avoiding outside pressures, attracting talented professionals from competitors, overcoming organizational limitations and over-loading their own HR teams.

When recruitment objective is best achieved by creative and well-defined advertising, we conduct an in-depth research to identify choice and relevance of advertising medium. Based on your shared facts and our understanding of the market, we create advertising copy that makes your requirement and positions appear attractive and exciting to potential candidates.

We have advertised for numerous industries and disciplines ranging from manufacturing, software, telecommunications, quality, research, media, infra-structure, consumer and industrial marketing, finance & banking services, business off-shoring etc. and positions from top management to accountants, regional managers to shop floor executives.

Candidates often demonstrate a distinct preference to respond discretely to Synergy's advertising, taking advantage of a confidential and early informal discussion coupled with elements of career counseling. Interviews are arranged efficiently and with a minimum of delay.

Often the first interview is conducted on the phone itself. The shortlist is done through highly professional and structured interviews designed to evaluate objectively the required skills and attitudes.

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